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The windswept coves and surfing reefs of Dominica in the east to the jungle-dressed tips of Cuba and the Antilles in the west, the Caribbean has long been a treasure trove of things to do and see from the alabaster-white beaches of Bermuda in the north to the cactus-topped desert inland of the ABC Islands in the south

The windswept coves and surfing reefs of Dominica in the east to the jungle-dressed tips of Cuba and the Antilles in the west, the Caribbean has long been a treasure trove of things to do and see from the alabaster-white beaches of Bermuda in the north to the cactus-topped desert inland of the ABC Islands in the south

Combining adventure with leisure, more than 100 years of colonial history with enthralling Arawak culture, western Indian spices with European flair that is gastronomic honeymooners with hill walkers, budget backpacker haunts with a few of the very most exclusive hotels in the world, its got one thing for every single kind of tourist.

It is got sets from Cuban cigarillos to magma-spouting hills, not forgetting countless airbrushed beaches of pristine sand and turquoise sea that is shimmering. See you into the rum pubs!

Lets check out our range of the very best Caribbean islands to check out:

۱٫ Jamaica

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Begin regarding the Jamaican north coast, where powdery white sands operate their means across the shore through the ivory stretches of iconic Seven Mile Beach, at night sheer-cut Negril Cliffs, through the blissful luxury uber-resorts of Montego Bay, across the gushing Dunns River Falls, and away to where famous James Bond Beach provides option to the jungles of Ocho Rios in plumes of swaying coconut palms, juniper bushes, mangrove and tamarind.

Further within the eastern in addition to Blue that is mighty mountains in verdant swathes of jungle, Jamaican boas swinging from the vines additionally the scents of espresso beans wafting across the undergrowth.

Then, regarding the inland hills, site site site visitors can seek out of the birthplace of famous Bob Marley at Nine Mile, or simply prefer to flit between your rum pubs of Kingston paying attention towards the master along with his steel-drum, Rasta off-beats.

MoBay, meanwhile, pulses with nightlife and also the smells of jerk chicken, while honeymooners relax on beachside decks and drink Red Stripe to your sunset.

۲٫ Turks and Caicos

If it is beaches youre after (and lets face it, just what tourist into the Caribbean isnt?), then Turks and Caicos is probably the most perfect spot.

A peppering of over 300 islets that are tiny the midst for the Lucayan Archipelago, most of the TCI (since its known for quick) are a bit more than simply sand banks or tough pillars of stone that go above the waters of Caribbean Sea.

The salt-washed jetties of Cockburn Town could be the administrative centre, however its laid-back Providenciales that draws all of the crowds.

And just why perhaps perhaps not? This U-shaped speck of land comes fringed by alabaster-white Grace Bay, punctuated with luxurious five-star resorts, imbued with old pirate carvings through the century that is 19th and ringed by coral gardens simply looking forward to the intrepid SCUBA diver.

Oh, plus its your home for the islands deep-fried conch clams too! Further afield and also the TIC offers up uber-romantic vacation rooms on their particular private area, beaches like Malcolm Beach, and also the shining turquoise currents of Chalk Sound as well!

۳٫ St. Lucia

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St. Lucia is similar to the kid that refused to conform.

In place of settling right down to be overgrown by mangrove and palms, it rose and rose, peaking utilizing the duo that is mighty of Pitons, or increasing to an astonishing 950 meters because of the jungle-dressed Mount Gimie at its heart.

Then you can find the bubbling volcanic springs and mud swimming swimming pools, forever carving and changing the inside associated with the area around Soufriere.

And speaking of little Soufriere from the coast that is south it is here that tourists will quickly realize the gorgeous cove of Anse Chastanet, concealed between cliffs and promontories and clusters of seaside waterfalls.

The north of this area continues to offer beauties too, such as the powder that is golden of Beach and also the strong bulwarks of Pidgeon Island National Park house to fortresses raised because of the British throughout the Seven Years War.

۲٫ Cuba

A past that is tumultuous political penchant for communism has meant Cuba has remained one thing of a off-the-beaten-track choice for people when you look at the Caribbean until just recently.

The latest news is a loosening of travel and import limitations from America, both likely to bring hordes of brand new tourists towards the alleged Pearl associated with the Antilles.

Theres certainly no shortage of pulls.

For just one, the administrative centre at Havana oozes a classic charm.

Cadillacs bump down and up the streets and peeling stuccoed frontispieces circa 1925 cave in to your off-beats of samba, rumba and songo aplenty; cigar smoke puffs from the speakeasies while the Malecon that is sun-splashed is by a wide range! Making the Che monuments and streets that are spanish, the more area provides up picture-perfect beaches at Varadero, ecotourism amidst karst mountains in Pinar del Rio, breathtaking vistas within the Vinales Valley the list continues on!

۵٫ Antigua and Barbuda

Separated by a brief space of sky-blue Caribbean Sea in the middle of the Leeward isles, the duo which makes up Antigua and Barbuda represent one of many regions most well-rounded tourist draws.

In St. Johns parish, the tiny and tight-knit money of this archipelago, you can find cricket grounds and bobbing luxury cruise ships beingshown to people there, even though the slap and then click of casino potato chips is not past an acceptable limit away.

For the very best intro towards the sleep of Antigua (the bigger associated with two islands), many travelers will measure as much as Shirley Heights Lookout, where in fact the pearly-white of beaches, the deep green associated with palm woodlands therefore the periodic bloom of bougainvillea spread out to reveal Falmouth and English Harbour two of this earliest colonial towns right here.

Rock churches atop cliffs belie the influence that is english while old sugar plantations await inland.

After which theres Barbuda: a mecca for sailors and swimmers searching for genuine seclusion.

۶٫ US Virgin Islands

The USVI arent your typical Caribbean utopia.

Thats not to imply they dont have most of the ubiquitous shimmering sands and aquamarine-hued waters.

It is to express they will have other activities up their sleeve too! A mecca for yachters, the trio of Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas, along with countless smaller dots of rocky land like liquid Island, Thatch Cay and Hassel Island, offer a pick and mixture of little coves and cliff-backed inlets to explore by motorboat.

Then theres Salt River Bay, a bloom that is verdant of woodlands that spills to the cobalt blue and pretty underwater corals of Buck Island Reef.

Rum distilleries come ten to your cent too, while pretty remnants of Danish rule still stand over the palm woods as well as the ferns. Yep, this ones an actual top option!

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