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Dating long distance attending college.Department arranges sequence of activities throughout every season as Youth leadership classes camps.

Dating long distance attending college.Department arranges sequence of activities throughout every season as Youth leadership classes camps.

Greetings and This is I.K.Gujral Punjab Specialized University (IKGPTU). IKGPTU-Jalandhar am established in the season 1997, with a mission towards Propelling Punjab…..

Innovation & Incubation

Entrepreneurship mobile is established at IKG PTU university to strengthen the entrepreneurial recreation so you can instill the spirit of entrepreneurship among University youngsters.

Several Entrepreneurial opposition like business strategy Competition in venture using Indus Entrepreneurs (link) Chandigarh, Poster Making match, Rs. 200 endeavors and speaks by notable Entrepreneurs tends to be arranged each year to market advancement and away field believing in IKG PTU environment.

Youthfulness & Societal

Section of teens affair, becoming a significant part from the school, helping the overall continuing growth of the scholars. With a target to nourishing the students minds due to their well-balanced development and growth. To channelize their own powers in a confident way, office of Youth Affairs organizes many activities present a system and produce the concealed ability. Given that the section encourage the students college students on the way forwards and prove on their own by engaging in various creative tasks, in the same manner the active involvement on the kids throughout these work enable the office to give you these people a whole lot more potential with regards to their as a whole expansion.

Section arranges string of actions throughout every season as Teens control knowledge camps, F.D.P for Kids Coordinators, Four Zonal and Inter Zonal Kids Festivals….


The Sporting events section inside the school happens to be built promote the feel of football engagement among the kids. The division annually arranges the variety of actions according to the assistance belonging to the fitness Council belonging to the college. The institution likewise joins in various Inter-Varsity games.The football team with the college try visualizing workshops to boost engagement of college students in various sports activities by providing economic benefits into the medal victors in Inter-Varsity sporting competitions.

Entire university fees cost of the medal champions inside the Inter-Varsity amount is definitely paid back by the institution. The University from year to year respects pupils with obtained significantly more than 75per cent mark besides earning a medal in AIU paid All India or North-Zone baseball or youthfulness celebration tournaments. On a yearly basis performs 16 Inter-College competitions (Guy & female) for a variety of adventures.

NSS team of I.K. Gujral Punjab Specialized institution happens to be implementing different instances of overall development, whether it be outlying improvement or increasing awareness on problems of ambiance, practices, medical issues, drug de-addiction, path safety, personality development and the like. The NSS recreation carried out within the information associated with NSS consultative council of this school, that is certainly chaired by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor. The man presides over-all the group meetings with the council. Currently there are 74 units operating in several affiliated schools of IKGPTU most notably biggest grounds at Kapurthala as well as its constituent campuses at Amritsar, Batala and Mohali. With a combined power of 7400 committed NSS volunteers, NSS department of I.K.G. Punjab Specialized institution considered prominent products in the nation as well as one of this decorated one. These 74 products will work on places where pursuits like workshops, workshops, field appointments and studies are performed full of the year. These 74 homes has followed 74 communities /slums to serve the city based on necessity of hrs.

In each program, NSS office organizes a number o f NSS tasks in school Main and constituent campuses and different universities linked to your school. In academic class 2019-20, NSS presented a variety of https://datingmentor.org/escort/honolulu/ strategies.


IKGPTU enjoys an important obligation of ushering all of our status and region into a forward thinking country by making world class technocrats. IKGPTU has done simply that in latest 22 years. We all at IKGPTU understand that alumni include brand ambassador with the institute together with the existing updates that IKGPTU appreciates could be the picture of the alumni’s triumph. IKGPTU provides often supported long term alliance and our personal alumni continue a substantial an important part of everything you were right.

Correct IKGPTU alumni area is more than several solid and you have created a positive change in each and every walk of living. Equipped with IKGPTU degree alumni have gone on to come to be company, capabilities designers, instructors, boffins and public servants. The whole alumni bring unique characters but we reveal common standards of earning a beneficial results for the communities and businesses all of us function in.

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